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Julia [userpic]

-Wipes away the cobwebs-

March 23rd, 2011 (10:16 am)

current mood: tired

Waa sorry I promise not to wait so long between blogging again ;u;
Here's marco in his tub to make it all better~

He's just so cute and spoiled |D My friend and I saw this little tub at bath and body works and we decided we had to buy it (and the stuff inside, just for the tub!)
In other dollie news, I got my friend Revelis to do a fantastic face up and mod on my Migidoll Ryu!
I got him back just before I left for Boston (for Spring break) so I only have one little in the process photo for you. I promise more later!

Zombie with no eyes @_@
No, he's actually completely human, he just has filed sharp teeth c:!
Vincent is beautiful as usual, I'm jealous of his photogenic..ness haha!

I'm being lazy and spewing out some old photos here. Only because I've been lazy to post and lazy to take pictures! I'm in Boston for a week, but I forgot my tablet and camera :\ so no knew arts.
I'm going to an art museum today, if that counts for anything!
Well, i got to go eat a bagel~
I leave you with this beautiful airplane view.

(oh, and p.s. did i mention i'm getting the Soom MD Ender? c: c;)

Julia [userpic]

Tea Party & Cookies

November 21st, 2010 (02:57 am)

current mood: chipper

I'll start this entry with a pretty building~
It's just a random place above a Pho restaurant and a Subway on "the ave" next to the university.
It was a rainy day (as usual) so the color looks more drained than usual, but I think it's neat anyways~
Warning: this is going to be a kind of image heavy post!

Lets see.. what happened this week so far? Well I went to see Harry Potter 7 pt1. I loveeeedd it, though it kind of scared me at points and was a bit more depressing than the other movies (which was to be expected). If you haven't seen it yet.. go see it! Gah it's really well done and I like that they don't have to pack everything into one 3 hour movie. Because they split it up, even if it is just to make more money, it adds to the movie in the long run~

Ok, ok, so the first one is just a popcorn stand~ I tried to get it while it was popping, but a man kept standing in the way T^T 
How dare he do his job! LOL at the pretzel salt.

I decorated cookies the other day too.. which is fun and really tasty!
I thought I got pretty creative in my designs hehe "xDD
My favorite to make was the shark and those frosting waves~

And now for a quick BJD mini-story!
Enjoy~ I bought marco a few porcelain tea sets (one was cheap around $3 and of course the Sanrio one was $12 xD)

It started out pretty normal, with the cakes and tea of course~
But then Marco decided their tea party needed some excitement! And so he dubbed Vincent the wolf protector of their tea party and climbed aboard cx

But that was too much excitement! And poor Vincent lost his contact. A search ensued~

But other than that, it was perfect!!
Thanks for reading~



Julia [userpic]

Meets and Midterms

November 16th, 2010 (08:43 pm)

November has brought good and bad.
On the bright side, I went to my first Seattle BJD meet. It was really fun and I'm pretty darn excited for the next one~
We had it at a bubble tea place in China Town where they hold it every second Saturday of the month! All of the other dolls were gorgeous and very well dressed- I went home and bought clothes for my boys online T^T I felt bad because I'm cheap and I basically only make them stuff instead of buying it online, haha!

On other BJD news, I sent in the payments for my Migidoll Ryu and Volks SD13 Chris body! I'm super excited, and I hope he gets here soon~ I bought them second hand so they won't take too long.
I started drawing holiday gift cards, oh no! It's barely the middle of November xD I couldn't help myself, I wanted to draw my friend David something for Chankuah. If you can't tell these are a whole bunch of things surrounding us that we share I guess.. there are some inside jokes but I thought it was cute enough to share (don't look, David!)

Can you name everything floating around?

On the bad side of the month, it's the time for midterms again. Grrr they keep me pent up in a small room pulling my hair out. Literally, it's a tiny tiny tiny room. Each floor in my dorm offers these tiny study rooms (which have a naughty reputation), but alas I use them for real studying! To understand the scope of its smallness, imagine what you see here.. plus enough room for a chair -The end, it stops there. It kind of works.. there's nothing to distract me! I have to go back in there soon >^>

Thanks for reading~

Julia [userpic]

Hello Live Journal - Goodmorning Seattle

November 10th, 2010 (12:26 am)

current mood: cheerful

It's11:30 pm, but I can't stop looking at the sun from the other mor- and just as I was beginning to write such a lovely and cliche first entry.. my pinky nail just broke and it's bleeding ORZ. Well, that serves me right for biting my nails.

I've migrated here after my (minimal and forgotten) blog on VOX was closed along with the site. Hopefully I'll be more active, though I don't really have much incentive other than my own willpower and the one friend who reads this. Either way, blogs are a nice way to publish thoughts and days - making little mornings with a beautiful sun last forever on the internet.
Yum, did this make you hungry?
Apparently here on the west coast there's a supermarket called QFC, not to be confused with KFC, that harbors a dessert section that's designed to taunt me - forever. Look at that cake, I want that cake.

Anyways, the UW campus is really pretty~ I don't know how I managed to get this picture because usually the walkway between the fountain is quite literally filled with students. It's like a sea of people on my way to English class @o@.

In BJD news: Hopefully soon I'll be getting the head on the left and the wig on the right~
It's a pre-owned migidoll Ryu head, and I'm very excited about it. I may or may not be getting a body for him immediately cx
I'm going to a BJD meet this weekend and I'll post here with pictures.

/end post

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